Nothing is as important as a genuine and heartfelt smile. Whether in your professional life or when you are out socialising, an attractive smile can make you feel happier and more relaxed, as well as making the right impression! Sit back, relax, and take a look at what we can achieve with modern dentistry here at The Riley Dental Studio.


Invisalign – Kevin James

Kevin wanted to totally improve his dental aesthetics and overall oral health as he didn’t like to smile and lacked confidence due to the appearance of his teeth. He had overlapping upper central incisors with overcrowding in both upper and lower teeth.

Kevin’s treatment took just under 2 years to complete and his overall result was further enhanced with a tooth whitening program and crown & veneer restorations on his upper front teeth.

A lovely result for Kevin and we are delighted with his new straight, white smile.

Invisalign – Amy Nixon

Amy was unhappy with her overall smile particularly the upper & lower right sides where her upper & lower incisor teeth were hidden.

After a course of Invisalign that took just over 12 months of wearing upper and lower nearly invisible aligners Amy now has a smile that she is delighted with.

Thank you for this. I love my new smile, my confidence has grown so much and I’m now happy to show off my teeth when I smile rather than hiding behind my hand or turning away. I can’t thank Gareth and the team enough you’ve all been amazing from day 1, I think I’ll actually miss coming.


Invisalign – Vicki Underhill

Also unhappy with her smile Vicki came to see Gareth to see what could be done to improve her misaligned upper and lower teeth.

I absolutely recommend The Riley Dental Studio – after 18 months of Invisalign I’m thrilled with my new smile – thank you so much to Gareth and his wonderful team, each and every one of you have made me feel so welcome at each visit, in fact I’m going to miss not coming in every few weeks to see you! All our family attend this surgery, they are brilliant with our little boy, he really enjoys his appointments – thanks again, all of you and see you again soon.


Tooth Coloured Filling – Rebecca Weetman

This molar tooth had been restored with a silver amalgam filling which was very unsightly. Gareth replaced it with a beautiful tooth coloured alternative.

I had an awful filling from my previous dentist, it was really deep & black. I didn’t have anaesthetic for my previous dental work so for my appointment today I was soooooo scared. Gareth was so very professional but at the same time he & his dental nurse Meg made me feel at ease & so comfortable – it was all fine! I’m so impressed that I’m going back to have my other fillings re-done – TRDS – such a great place. Such a difference! Thank you so much.


Composite Build Ups/Tooth Reshaping – Anon

This young lady disliked her ‘peg shaped’ upper lateral teeth.

Gareth very cleverly disguised their short pointed shape by building up the length of these teeth with tooth coloured composite material.

A natural & beautiful result. And no tooth enamel reduction in the process.


Porcelain Veneers – Anon

This young gentleman had fractured the corner edge off his upper right central incisor tooth and took the opportunity to have not only this tooth restored but enhance this with having all four upper front teeth also aesthetically improved with natural looking, perfectly fitting veneer restorations.

Ceramic Crowns – Anon

This gentleman was unhappy with his gappy smile and wanted to know what his options were to close the spaces in his upper and lower incisor regions. Gareth placed a combination of 4 ceramic crowns and porcelain veneers on his upper and lower front teeth. The gaps have been very cleverly disguised and this patients smile has been perfectly restored.

Ceramic Crowns Lower Teeth – Anon

This gentleman was concerned about the appearance and long term health of his lower 8 teeth. Having had extensive restorative treatment on his upper teeth with his previous dentist, Gareth was concerned about the ongoing wear on his lower teeth from these opposing  restorations and the risk of exposing the dentine which would result in the lower teeth requiring root therapy.

This patients treatment was very carefully planned, and after provisional restorations were placed to adjust the patients vertical height, 8 lower ceramic crowns were placed with a stunning end result.


Dental Implant Retained Crowns – Glyn Lloyd

A perfect permanent solution for two missing teeth for this patient!

Having lost his upper incisor and premolar teeth this patient couldn’t face the prospect of a denture or the cutting down of his healthy teeth to support a bridge restoration.

Result ~ a delighted dental implant patient at TRDS.