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Microscope Dentistry at TRDS

12 July 2019

Microscope Dentistry at TRDS

We are now routinely using the Kaps 900 Dental Microscope adding to the state of the art equipment used in all of our dental services.

Our microscope is the best tool to visualize dental anatomy not otherwise visible with the naked eye. Anything else is a compromise.

Microscopes provide 3x to 30x magnification with the ability to change views with a simple turn of a dial. Microscopes offer a deeper depth of field view and a wider field of view than traditional dental loupes.

The increased magnification allows our Endodontist to access small, narrow canal openings without unnecessarily removing tooth structure. Debris that must be removed from the root canal before filling the root canal space is also more easily identified. When magnification is used, the available light is spread out and the image appears darker. To compensate for this, an LED light is mounted directly on the microscope head and provides a bright, white light.

Endodontists can only treat what they can see. The microscope lens can be placed directly over the patient’s mouth without any additional discomfort.

Our microscope offers some unique benefits to the most important person in the treatment room ~ YOU, our patient.

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