Here at The Riley Dental Studio we offer the latest techniques using the most advanced equipment to provide you with the best treatment solutions.

Rest assured whether you are an existing patient here at The Riley Dental Studio or it’s your very first visit, you are in the safest of hands! We are very much a health focussed dental practice and believe that 90% of the work that we do is preventable. If we can get our patients to work with us we can prevent so much future dental disease.

Regular Examinations

Regular dental health examinations at The Riley Dental Studio will diagnose, treat and manage your overall & long term oral healthcare needs. These regular screening appointments will involve 12 very thorough elements of examination including an oral cancer check.

Dental Hygiene & Therapy Treatments

The greatest cause of tooth loss is gum disease so early detection & treatment will ensure you keep your teeth for life. We provide a wide range of high quality hygiene treatments as well as advising you on the skills, tools and techniques to control and remove plaque from every surface, of every tooth, every day.

Cosmetic Tooth Coloured Fillings

We are a mercury free practice and only use tooth coloured filling material. This treatment is a simple & affordable way to really enhance your smile and is far more aesthetically pleasing than silver amalgam fillings.

Crowns & Bridges

Metal free, beautiful ceramic crowns and bridges are used here at TRDS which will definitely give you something to smile about. Optimum fit courtesy of the iTero Element scanner which is our digital impression system. Outstanding aesthetics.


These can be used to improve tooth colour, shape and position. The can cleverly disguise misaligned, gappy, chipped or discoloured teeth to re-invent your smile & make your teeth look healthy and natural.


Looking for a straighter smile? At TRDS we offer a range of orthodontic treatments including Invisalign – which straightens smiles discreetly (no-one will know!) and Six Month Smiles for smiles needing a quick option.

Dental Implants

It’s important for bite function, speech, eating and your quality of life to have a full set of teeth, and if you’re missing any from a single tooth to entire upper and lower arches of teeth we can help with our dental implants services.

Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics)

Root canals need to be filled when the nerve and blood supply to the tooth have become infected or damaged. In many cases and wherever clinically possible, we will use this treatment to save a tooth being permanently removed.

Teeth Whitening

A very simple & quick home teeth whitening procedure which involves wearing  custom made trays at a time to suit you. With careful care & maintenance, your smile will sparkle for years!

Other Treatments

We have an extensive treatment portfolio and can offer free smile makeover advice, anti-snoring devices, dentures, mouthguards and referrals to specialists should the need arise.

Whatever your need or want, together we can find a solution!

Contact us today about joining the practice for all your dental needs